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What to expect from us

From an initial enquiry, we will arrange a ‘no obligation’ free survey. This will enable us both to understand the viability of any project and to answer questions you may have.

From this survey we can form a work plan which we hope will be of interest to you, this will include:

  • A full quotation with details of works and materials involved.
  • A Manufacturers fact sheet, giving additional information of the products quoted within the scheme of works.
  • A layout plan of the proposed Solar PV array
  • Copy of First Solar PV terms and conditions.

Once we receive a written confirmation to go ahead together with a deposit. We will then:

  • Order all materials to complete your project.
  • Order fixed scaffolding or access equipment required.
  • All installation works will be carried out and completed – as per our work plan procedures.
  • Testing and commissioning completed together with a customer demonstration of the system.
  • Help with filling out the forms to notify electricity providers of the install.