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A wise investment

A Solar PV array is a wise investment for businesses; they allow them to power their office with free energy, reduce their energy bills, cash in on the Government’s Feed-in-Tariff and show their customers they are environmentally friendly.

Whilst the Feed-in-Tariff has reduced over the last few years, so has the cost of solar panels themselves. This means businesses can still expect a healthy return on investment by installing solar panels at their premises.

There are various ways First Solar PV can help your business.

We can set up a monitoring system which tracks your buildings consumption. This will give you accurate data on the amount of electricity your business consumes.

With this data we can ascertain where your energy is being used, how efficient your systems are and where solar PV and battery storage can really benefit your business, based on your exact electricity consumption. We will create a report which will give you a clear idea of where you are and what you can do to improve your energy requirements.

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